80 x 70 x 1 cm, © 2022, prijs op aanvraag
Tweedimensionaal | Schilderkunst | Olieverf | Op doek

This oil painting is 70 cm by 80 cm

 I was inspired by 2 photos and placed them transparently in a collage.  One photo is the large church in Arnhem in the Netherlands.  The devil's house is vaguely visible in front of the church.  The second photo shows a dancer's foot on sptzen.

 The whole forms a number of years in the life of Audrey Hepburn.  It fascinates me to paint what people have been working on.  Audrey has lived at 6 Sickeslaan in Arnhem.  She attended ballet school during this period.
 It's a funny detail that I was born in the street next to the market, where the church is located and I have followed the ballet training for years. And also with me there was a strong force that made me stop my ballet training.

 I chose the colors green and blue because people thought these colors cursed at the time.  That word is no longer used with regard to color.